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South Africa and welcome to Sunday live right here on SABC want my name is

tomorrow more toward riney I am host and sincerely apologize for starting a program late evening however media earlier reported that the deputy minister of higher education and training Minister to do the montana released shocking statistics that revealed that about 31 percent of students in further education and training also known as apt Cottagers were HIV positive when he addressed students the toilet or if you to college

in Luxembourg back in September if the statistics are correct then it means that HIV prevalence rate among students and young people generally would be nearly four times the national estimate of 11.2% over you know is World AIDS Day theme for 2011 to 2015 is getting 20 however this year South Africa will focus on zero discrimination without losing sight of the other 0 such as the road you HIV infections and zero aids-related deaths

that is our discussion this evening before we get into it produces and gives us a glimpse into the lives of those living with HIV and I went to the country issues going every year but I didn’t know what was happening so I found out when I was a great for the meeting to present to the wait is closer to me it was I could say is great for me to understand what was really hav because they tell me about them because I’m not gonna die just

gotta have house that’s when I understood that it means also infected hens reading about HIV in school so it was that had time I that positive and keep in touch is gonna look at me and say I’m gonna die first I didn’t accept it wasn’t until I was great so when I wasn’t great see you then I went to the clinic and they told me that I had to accept before I can go to my parents or anyone else hmmm positive I was right

1998 they called me but I find out what a positive cannot use it anymore said did not go to hospital especially coliform because that time multicolor form and then I went and they test me and that’s when the trial neighborhood teenager and not going to have in their relationship when all those things like

it was painful for me clearly that why does this mean to me this evening is all the hiv/aids prevention campaigns in effective amongst the youth is amazed you’re so no to the number three 4065 can call us live in studio on 0117 1 480 809 you can also engage with us on our social media pages on Facebook we are sunday life honestly BC one you can treat at sunday live SABC 1 or tweet me Act II

underscore quilted lining and don’t forget to hash tag sunday live in studio with us of course is the kind of my body’s senior manager at love life the love life style and school also joined by four you limbs when you who is treatment action campaign provision assistant on status of women were also joined by a studio audience was here with us of course to engage on our topic is almost dead even for joining us thank you so much please welcome to something

like that kind of like to start with you and i want to ask what you think about the poor question do you think that with the high statistics that we have according to the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training that reportedly forty-one percent of our students are infected with HIV is a Jew to the ineffective awareness campaigns than we have in the country not exist I think some some of the interventions they do it and they have been waking but

looking at the TV day colleges it has been like more neglected because I can speak from love live side what we’ve been doing it’s what we call you things to browse more of campaigns so is the programs are not so intense as compared to young people within primary schools and high schools so they’ve been that as an additional three young people in the transition transition from primary high school to TV colleges eggs

maybe we have given them the benefit of the doubt to say they know they are like grown grown out sort of but there is still a gap in terms of intervention that a TV technologies and I’m other contributing factors easy access to 222 care treatment and support because most of the typically don’t have the facilities their care facilities within the within these days they area where they’re not figure you are from treatment action campaign and he also

the provincial assistant then you are under you know the status on women we’ve also seen two women sharing you know these a story around how they’re infected and what their life’s journey mean what are some of you know the statistics are on the infections on young women in South Africa as much as we try our level best to educate young women especially own production company got a program which we call it is a rich and fertile reproductive health and

rights retry level business trip election campaign to call over an hour in politics great whereby we educate in-school and out-of-school young women we are with education that we are giving I think we are trying to reach with the high rate of HIV right bad there is a problem because at some point we are faced by our government in terms of prevention the attempts by the US two counts in our local clinics and for people to access both treatment it’s a

challenge because you cannot go to actually treatment that is not pay remember some of those kids are in school in this statement discrimination amongst themselves because in most cases it’s hard for academy to tell your child that she was born with HIV so the indication that we’re giving today let us it’s about to get in and kissed my question to the going is with United’s theme of getting to zero and South Africa’s vision for this year being

there discrimination do you think that’s achievable I think there’s zero discrimination is it is achievable yeah because looking at South Africa from where we are coming from this lot of improvement in terms of stigma and currently when you look at the situation all those think my still day there’s some improvement in different communities way yet people if you are HIV positive is like you should get diabetes or any other chronic conditions

and people love freely interacting with their families and it disclosure is improved people do disclose to their family members yeah yeah and they know ledge on hiv/aids increased in most of the community so they’ve got better understanding to say HIV is not that interesting is not infections like you need to be not sharing it ended with somebody who’s infected you don’t have to share food together so people have

good knowledge and analogous improved although we cannot see we have enough knowledge yeah I don’t disagree with the minute he sees as much as 33 happy simply next week got issues young cute when they have to access the treatment influence the attitude of nasa’s because they had in Vegas program whereby the integration of various within our clinics with my older person should sit next to the other person to relax and it will be hard for the 10% to accurately

treatment because the is integration yes you are correct integration but they separate of rooms also plays a crucial role because when you go to train explosion public clinics will find that the most people who should actually care he’s there is only one room for them if possible all clinics can make sure that you can take in their room you access everything that had the contraceptive in all medication that hype Latin stuff I

think the discrimination while the discussion we are having tonight on Sunday live what we’ve heard of course foreign media reports said 41 percent of all youth and students account of HIV infections of the country’s a Jew to in effect of campaigns going to hear from you 11714 8380 but only when sonya live returns Sunday last night here on CBC one we are talking about the high increase rate of

young for the africans be affected by HIV were asking you the question if you think it’s due to the effect of complaints that we have in the country or is there more to the story will you can assume is yes or no to the number 443 654 qualified live in-studio of course on 0117 148 understand we do a call on the line welcome just lost all corner hi welcome to Sunday life difficult on the line W

you know hello so you comin please welcome to spend a lot of money alright we’re just going to have to cut you off there please make sure that when you do call switch off your TV or turn the volume down so you can hear me on the phone numbers or 114 114 each do it but if we take it back to our audience members is there any question or comment that it would like to think it’s good evening and thank you for the opportunity

my name is Lisa immigrant breakup president I’d like to say that can use not encouraging young girls and young women that there is life after high school because now after that they cannot get into university or tertiary while they struggle with that they feel free to sugar daddies and all the mean paying for whatever it is that they need but they must know that they are organizations like the love life so I for one have been helped by love life

alot in my life so they should know that there is hope there is some way you can turn to you don’t have to go to university or tertiary you have other options you can actually find your passion organizations that create an HIV free generation because at the end of the day these are the people that bring HIV to these young men and a positive on two other young people thank you would like to perhaps comment and also just talking

on white more young people are vulnerable to HIV in the country hi my name is Michael immigrant break and Prof insane I just want to application of the house how rich initiatives can we use to encourage young people to visit clinics I know that is why do you think will work on this on this generation thank you so much Michael for your question just briefly please comment on this because he used an abbreviation its

adolescent a new trend is obviously so loved life’s goal is to work within the system we trained healthcare professionals to understand the young people and also deal with it deals with the issues of blood and belief systems which people in their weight place where you bring your own personal values where you don’t believe it if it comes for contraceptives or HIV test you say you shouldn’t be having sex at this moment you are very young so we train them will

work with them to see how do how can they separate their professional self in the personal self so it does although so we have been waking training providers on that element so we are getting the actual ok let’s take a short break the cycle shop right now when we come back we’re taking our discussion to a conclusion also take a look at your poor result with finding out what the country pays about our poll question

this evening and we also find a treatment action campaign what campaigns they haven’t pleased to assist those affected and infected with HIV movies from Ben regarding our topic this evening in one would like to comment good afternoon everyone my name is process i doing the living my life what Division I motivate young people in terms of people in their self-esteem in sort of what I can see that we as love life we have what we call upon free time

when we engage parents and youth house we feel like parents are not supported Newt enough so we like our courage you down and peres to be together with this point rita is used to develop themselves and again we have this thing called a program where we have these pure education is what he called peer pressure is positive peer pressure is negative peer pressure so this purification what young people to have a good leader and also feel like my

question really wasn’t answered why do you think that young people are vulnerable to HIV infections anyone else that hasn’t spoken before please that would like to take that thank you lady I’m trying to touch on to the top question you asked for and which young people are more vulnerable cause they’re exposed to all these expensive things in which they wanna get you know get their hands on them in there is my sister is mentioned their bodies in there now

edge themselves in the process of all these expensive things and then they end up and say six and exposing themselves all these other things thank you so much for the comment in one else would like to pay for anything anyone else could even my name is this entire life and I am from connexion campaign I am areas such a reproductive health rights means to make Christian is to sister

are like to know what is their life doing in a provincial level in contempt of support in campaign because one of the most challenges there’d organizations that are funded by the government actually do not want to partner with other organizations because they were due to want to bite the hand that feeds them so light snow from cystic along with wada the companies they did you have a slave life and at a professional level which other

organizations are they working with because we know takes a village to raise a child bank is out of the question it also brings me to a question on campaigns which also have specifically provincial community level can talk about the current campaign that we have is called dude I can play which is a word which is derived from there where test meaning we are encouraging young people to know the

details to go for HIV testing and then we’ve got number of organizations that we are working with and we’ve got a number of projects in China which are some additional provision and some are like implemented that close their pools hot Africa and then from there I’m not sure whether I can see from the provincial I don’t bet the demonstrations for me is difficult to say this is a provincial campaign is a national company because it depends

we’ve got multimedia campaigns way you find that all the nine is ABC stations currently they’ll be they’ll be playing the campaign with coaches PSA which encourage young people to take a stand against HIV engle for testing and also we are saying no to stigma so that it’s a national campaign because if we work we also agreed that contain radio stations into community radio stations which we give them content on daily basis besides they they campaign so we

promote HIV campaigns to say we don’t wait for the World AIDS Day so we have been waking up with the continuations throughout the whole year I’m figure what campaigns to have in place and we can people you know excess more information treatment action campaign is not in its original program reply to wreak dialogue since

schools and out of schools educating people and to which meant it when it does that it was that it is difficult but now it has played it the entire how to reply is our main tourism actually used it every time the visiting all locations where they can educate young people and we partner with other organizations so that we can help the community and we are trying our level best like a little now we have to play it is likely to apply now your state has

begun treatment is the treatment so that campaigns that we are doing and other campaigns we are managing to reach the youth well we asked you the question back at home speaking of the use if you think prevention campaigns are ineffective also you can see we do have the reported 41 percent infection rate and voters eighty percent of all voters voted yes they are actually an effective and 20% and vote of no you don’t agree with your comment you agree

ya know and love life programs so we also have schools programme which that our target from the age of 12 to 19 which is their primary end the high school level in our secondary group is a young people between the age of 19 to 24 schools programme of God in 10 schools program like the one that you machine they live in my life which is more of a motivation its focus on personal development and career development so that young people stay focused on what

they want to achieve irrespective of their family circumstances and then we also have a sexual reproductive health program which is called love for life so we try to implement to complement their life orientation so that they can be come more interactive more fun and it’s implemented by our ground breakers lost with special even on the results before it goes directly above the partisan because it is really a certain point so we need to engage ourselves and

our organization for weekend and the inclusion of because we highly appreciate it if they can encourage more as a teacher told you so much thank you again for coming thank you so much for joining us and thanks to all those for those very much valuable input thanks to you at home for watching us right here on a Sunday live we do appreciate the feedback the engagement and social media it’s been amazing so much for also participating an oddball pressure

because I will come to the end of our program children will see you again next Sunday until then


Burundi rejects African peacekeeping force: Reports

witnessing through television or on radio is not a general situation for the

whole country these troubles are happening in some some areas some neighborhoods of the capital bujumbura which is under camera under international coming under international human rights observers under all kind of kind of observers but more than more than about 99% of the country is peaceful during daytime and nighttime citizen peacefully two weeks after that statement clashes

claimed several lives yet again observers now fear the simmering tensions could lead to civil war however these sentiments are not shared by the vice president the bulletin people have learnt a lot from the bad experience they have gone through so no one is ready to go back to war no one is ready to go back to the to the killings as this happened in the past because the less than the rent is enough for our

people the government has until Tuesday to respond to the AAU after which the peacekeepers will be deployed more than 400 people have been killed since president announced in April that will stand for a third term this despite the president’s re-election in July which was approved by the Constitutional Court the United Nations Human Rights Council once to investigate the ongoing killings while Uganda will restart mediation efforts in desperate effort to avoid an

escalation of the conflict goldensohn pas ABC News