Sunday Live: Human Trafficking

Sunday Live: Human Trafficking

are you playing and welcome to Sunday night right here on this ABC 1 I’m your

host also that become all too weak all the second until the 9th of October 2015 as National Human Trafficking Awareness Week of the crime of human trafficking is being committed in South Africa but you too is hidden nature most organizations have thought it very difficult to quantify the crime but according to a tweet to 127 million people are in bondage across the world with victims as young as 12 years old but up until August 2013 South Africa

could only prosecute for human trafficking with it was sexual exploitation of course for the first time a law is now available providing for the protection of autocratic persons irrespective of age or gender this includes trafficking for labor purposes for the removal of body parts for forced marriages any other form of exploitation stone indeed while before we get into our discussion this evening let’s take a look at this took so much advantage

because they paid for their time two things really hate when they do this today daughters they had a daughter we did I appeared to it and beat up and you know jack daniels on those who is just two years cream we do that to you own daughter to the women kiss you are women and children that woman humanity don’t you see that in me and I may get my question to you this evening is will this new law that we’ve been talking about this new

traffic in law be effective in combating child trafficking or you can sms years on 02 the number three 4065 you can join the conversation on our social media pages on Facebook were sunday live on bbc1 tweet back Sunday live is se VC one of calls and you can treat me personally I T underscore what would want and don’t forget to hashtag sunday life is joining us in our johannesburg Studios is the NPA’s advocate college guy Galaga be senior deputy director of public

prosecutions and in our Cape Town studios we have trafficking survivor result a bomb and from an organization that seeks to abolish the injustice in the 21 century we have corner unit from a 21 and also have an audience of the University of Johannesburg students who together with the International Organization for Migration launched back in 2015 that awareness campaign welcome everyone thank you so much for joining us and thanks to you

capetown studios advocate caller thank you so much free time for anyone who wants to understand what human trafficking is so there could be a part of this conversation constructively what is human trafficking what is it you know sort of like your body human trafficking is a growing global phenomenon where people are being transferred I’ve been sold by being released

being transported from one place to another it can be within the borders of South Africa across boorda this happens through dis leaving those people forced to the end through legal means to get the people from one place to another for purposes of exploiting them for labor chewed by the organized sexual exploitation this also involves the adoption of children for the purposes of exploiting these children are also

entering people into marriages for the purpose of exploiting these people which will of course benefit the particular person was involved in the trafficking or any other person was close to that post these cases in South Africa research shows that you know South Africa’s only ever convicted seven people for trafficking you know since 2009 of the first conviction of course was in 2009 for sexual expectation but since then leading up to 2015 and how

many cases are reported in the country we have about 10 in seven cases there are reported well I cannot say reported specifically because some of them might still be with some switch the National Prosecuting Authority would not have private but the cases that have come through to us have been about 27 cases and offers cases we have about 13 convictions to date other cases are still privately held in we’ve

received two other cases as well in which we have child in accordance with in you know I’m mentioned in my opening that you know there’s a new trafficking law of course since August of this year that’s been introduced by the Indian government take me through the context of the contents of the law basically it’s to realize the rights of people is enshrined in the Bill of Rights to reinforce the

right-to-life the right to human dignity the right to freedom of expression and security of a posting for people not to be treated in a degrading and inhumane manner that is that seeks to be done by the trafficking of persons and also for us to carry out the mandate of the United Nations protocol with South Africa signed in 2004 had made a commitment to prevent and combat human trafficking the grain so now this law is basically to realize that and to ensure

that the citizens of South Africa and even those were transported into South Africa legally for purposes of being exploited they there is protection for the head of an auto market also used to sell to welcome to you once again not you have you know as a very personal story to share with us regarding your experience with a traffic in just briefly tell me you know what traffic was for you enjoy experience these bands of Hurricane you know in that two weeks

I was surprised that it was done through by a friend that I really trusted and secondly that to you xscape was obviously another person had to come into my place and she was much younger so when I got the chance to get out of the house ways of confusion our way should I tend to what should I do because it was at midnight and just being pulled up with drugs because that’s all they fade you is to be so

high so you don’t have the power to fight back of every man that comes in and do whatever they like to you in my two weeks of being there I think the only thing that I could sense with was feeling and smell in a day it would be nine to ten men and and you know coming out from there the first thing I wanted was another pics and from there was from the age of 18 to prostitution and there was no way

to turn to because you you you knew that you go to the police station you come from hands of being explained to try to negotiate police station gonna say that you as young as you are you on the streets at that time of the night in your high they not gonna listen to your story I was never rescued by anybody sadly I had to be rescued by a younger girl which is something I still you know really

and get myself in sometimes when I think about the sound of her voice that i sometimes I wish I could have taken her place and being a survivor of six or seven years out of that it’s it’s it’s hard to see that justice is still not taken in 10 and what we have to be goes through as survivors to get that justice to happen because it’s like you need to still be in the room of air traffic and you still don’t get the assistance from from social justice system that ok you

can certainly be protected you still gonna be rescued in a way of freedom motion really mentally so it is a hi Jamie 4582 to come out of because you know our justice system and rape cases load not just rape cases on its own you walk around community the president raped you still walks around you so for me as a survivor coming out from that it’s like I hope for me to be set free

because you know the acts of justice law in our country doesn’t really its day it’s written it’s it’s a nervous latest rated out of there but it’s not really taking action it’s not it’s not taking action very very keen to know from corner of course when we come back from the break as to why of course this crime is a lucrative sort of commodity we know that after drugs and weapons human beings are actually lucrative commodities fights criminal activities

are concerned in human trafficking but only when we come back and I mean we just want to help you all see the truth Africa that human trafficking is real in the country but after the break I expect to hear more from you call me on 0117 14 8080 sunday live returns you have just joined us we are discussing human trafficking and please share experiences or opinions on this matter on 0117 1488 of course by my

panelists and out to welcome back wonderful yoon Eun ah que tal studios or not before the outbreak I wanted to find a forum view as to why human trafficking as such as sort of a prob profitable legal criminal activity we do understand that is the third most lucrative illegal commodity after drugs and weapons why is that so apparently believe that it’s due to the moment to have someone else’s cell someone for someone else’s personal

pleasure now this thing is with a drug you can actually only sell once and then it’s been used but traffic is see that you know by selling a human being over and over they making actually more than what coca-cola and McDonald’s make in one year so it’s very beneficial or profitable for them and the risk of actually being caught they measure very low compared to the amount of money that they make and also to do to you know younger younger people or the young

learners of today on as educated about human trafficking therefore it’s easy for them to fall prey into this this injustice cool human trafficking according to some of the statistics of refunds on date when one door which is of course the organization that you represent is that you know twenty seven million people in bondage across the world due to human trafficking victims can be as young as 12 years old and he’s wanted two percent of traffic victims

ever get rescued please take me through those steps at the moment due to the month 99% victims never gets rescued because of the drug overdose that they get hardly get any nutrition you know their everyday life to function you have to look at this perspective of the average amount of men a victim has to service is 40 min a day and for someone to go through that physical

abuse their body will more or less and you lost two years and then on the flip side one to two percent of traffickers that ever get sentence is because victims are too scared or survivors are too scared to actually speak up because the traffic will actually threaten their family and their household by forcing or forcing them and saying I will kill your family so it’s it’s a very manipulative industry or crime organized crime that traffickers are involved and so that

makes it more tricky to actually put traffickers into jail if you look at the 27 million there’s more than 27 million in slavery today and others the half the population of South Africa and if you listen to that you need to realize that that is not okay we have to speak for those with no voice and I think it’s one step at a time by making someone else where you can actually prevent someone from being trafficked yes it’s sometimes hard to reach those that are trafficked

at the moment but if you can educate youngsters of today saying hey this is what human trafficking as this is how you can protect yourself and these are the hotline number should confine we already helping someone not being trafficked back to audience members now I need to hear your comments ago views on this matter especially because I’m sure you’ve heard the same ladies and gentlemen that in Africa takes a village to raise a child actors read on one of

those emissions there to your children should just trust anyone but you know we also have this African saying that it takes a village so if a child falls in a random at all can pick them up and we can take that as an adulterer being a parent in that instance but but is this basis to trust today in one with a comment please come into question my name is Linda Lucia edta and strategic communication we worked on the human trafficking campaign

last year and what we found out is there a lot of people knew about human trafficking but they had this perception that would never happen to them so I think that’s the biggest problem that we found that you don’t everything that could happen to you or that it could have been to someone you know that trust issue comes in there where you think everyone has a good person and everyone is trustworthy because it just won’t happen to you I have a Christian Bible

study at the University of Johannesburg strategic communication I have a question for the Advocate was brought in in August to try and come back to all these victimizers anybody’s traffic now my question is what steps are you taking in creating the salinas as I heard you made little mention that this week is to create awareness around human trafficking and the knife et the second in the ninth not many people we

love the salinas it’s not as big as any other like accountant campaigns what steps are you taking for people to be aware of this in order for them to know and how to educate them further basically we’ve got in other provinces as well but I’m going to speak specifically on the housing one because I’m involved in their own way it is amounted to the superior coach we have all organizations and government departments who are involved there on

our weaknesses in campaigns throughout the province surreal and gives people take when finding out that the is this thing of human trafficking around them in the area and also for people to realize that it doesn’t only happen outside but it happens when they are so that is what we have and as well as we got out on radio television and so forth we speak about human trafficking we’ve been involved in

a lot of shows making eyewitnesses on human trafficking a short break and when we can that be engaging one more time of course with our panelists and audience members in solutions to moving forward we already know of a second to the month of october is human traffic awareness week so all South Africans and everyone around the world would be able to you know educate themselves and be aware of this very very real crime I’m keen to know more from 801 and advocate caliber

are barred steps moving far from the npr side and from a 21 is an organisation but we’ll be right back welcome back to Sunday life are here on ABC want my name is duly noted widely and of course we discussing human trafficking am very keen of course you know how you feel hard you you know regard this as even a real issue in the country or not he’s continued of course are posted on our Facebook page we are

sandy levin is ABC 123 Act II underscore hashtag sunday life is and of course engage with us visit missus on 3406 live that to all is a brief comments on this issue especially because you know I know that as you know students of the University of Johannesburg you are involved directly involved in raising awareness in the comments before peace and music from the most people are vulnerable because they are ignoring others are unusually like talked about

this last year when we’re working on this campaign doing research in the townships and everything like when we asked why they know about human trafficking is like it’s something that happens in the movies they don’t really know what is it yeah I think there are like they see things happening around town by bare on talk about that is very important

that’s obviously my name is Ashley save strategic communications doin every investor joins big legacy that based on the research that we did last year will be working with I M I we found out that people some people know about human trafficking especially in a community that I’m living in there was actually a house we people would be taken from their countries like Zimbabwe or Mozambique and the house was just like

it looked like a white elephant house but there were people inside the relieving the PLO passports they know software numbers there’s no less selfish or anything it was men children with 112 RDP house so I’m just thinking that the neighbors knew that something was going on but for them to report a noise with my please we came up with you know what you can save somebody’s life imagine this was your disposal assorted room everybody has a dream you know out

baby I wanna go to the states our love go to the UK so this philosophy a dream that you gonna go to South Africa even aware you gonna be this famous person leaving sent in you know so imagine if you lose your sister who was told that you in a living in New York in the league at the integrated stack why don’t why don’t you just go to like your nearest police station and tell them that something is happening thank you so much and head back to Cape Town

Cornelison environment I just please get your closing comments resolve this stop with you because I mean you have experience in this very sensitive issue but what would join advised be too young people in South Africa preview please my voice would be I know at the age of 12 to 16 we get very excited about what we want to do in our career we get very excited social media has been like their hand of food and everything so youngsters should

be very very careful on social media model agencies and once again you know if government say they are doing this thing I think it’s good for them to partnership with organizations that are doing this that will be doing it in the community has a lot of organizations are in the community most based so being partnership with them would be great again young people your greatest friend would do this to you because

you know jobs are less in in our country now youngsters don’t have jobs are too great to see anybody can come through to them and say listen if you can get me this girl four to five five thousand yeah your friend or anything and just like they drink by taking them any clubbing especially our VIP club would do that okay thank you so much canal very previous office we know that you took a

march as the future also seen on our screens right now where you took him at his age when you wanna fought against us but I’m briefly what is your organization sort of give support systems to the victims of victim once they’ve been rescued and we place them in a safe house where they can actually start their rehabilitation program they can actually get placed back into society they can do their courses on what they’ve wanted to always become we

have many success stories of young ladies that’s been rescued all around the world and they’ve actually now become a nurse or they’ve become a teacher and it’s really empowering them true to be back to life back in society and live the dream that they have so much of a solo homers while the market task to you as well let’s briefly take a look at our poll result we asked you the question do you think for you and law has been introduced of course by

government advocate in to support and protect anyone against human trafficking will be effective while fifty percent of the vote of no and 50% it’s calling a literally in one second your partitions all we want is right communities must stand together report human trafficking the actually makes it an obligation on each and every person to help architects of human trafficking that are happening around them so it is not only on the health of the officials and without the

assistance of the community’s society lives we are unable to do anything even for them to come out and wanted to testify we’ve got all forms witness protection available to protect witnesses who have to testify the table did Department of Social Development his green houses where people are being hidden away from the testicles and it is quite protective so basically we do have protection for people to come

fourth is what I thank you so much thank you to all my case in Cape Town thanks to you our audience members but most importantly thanks to your home for watching until next Sunday


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