Newsroom with Prof Kopano Ratale

initiation rituals have prevailed throughout the history of mankind and in

many African communities this rite of passage plays a very important role in an individual’s life that practice officer transition from boyhood to becoming a man and its during this period that boys are often exposed to communities customs and traditions but so very often the transition into men who has become synonymous with they’re paying in some cases even torture yet South Africa now from capetown studios we are joined by professor Capano and

expert in violent masculinity professor Capanna thank you for joining us again or even masculinity is always at the forefront of our problems in South Africa isn’t it isn’t it refers to but I wanted to talk about the cultural dynamic around the initiation schools in a death we seeing when we look at cultural when we talk culture culture is quite a a dynamic in living thing surely we can find a balance 22 to curb the deaths of young men in South Africa do

you know you know when I be listening to this morning’s interviews but also thinking about this and really in the newspapers the phrase black lives matter has come into my mind maine’s lives matter just like women’s lives matter and antimatter 30 deaths from what is supposed to be a wonderful experience and experience that Marx once transition from being a boy to a man this is unacceptable I mean basically you know the question that we now ask is is is

this is relevant is this doesn’t mean culture is static they the first the answer to the first question is is of course we’re always being initiated in one way or no education and Western education or education of the evidence was schools is nothing if it’s not the initiation twelve years of initiation sixteen years in some cases when you start with police cool and then you still have to go to varsity

education is about initiating people in particular ways of thinking so initiative schools about that about initiating men in particular kinds of masculinity is so this is always necessary but death death is not necessary why in South Africa do we have to we always seem to have a connection between violence and masculinity it’s a long long history in its history that’s not gone by its very much present today

is because of a host of reasons including a militaristic culture it’s about our histories of violence under the national liberation struggle yes but also certainly under apartheid and colonialism it’s about fractured communities about families don’t have a role models who model peaceful masculinity is it’s about drugs it’s about inequalities about poverty so it’s a whole lot of reasons working at different levels

level 1 course if you study with with the psychologists of this so some people can’t control their impulses they’ve learned emotionally regulators to say in a right up at the top of policies policies that always consistently indicate that violence is not an acceptable way of handling solutions and complex but clearly we live in a world where a number of countries Syria Afghanistan

Iraq a number of reasons all over the world where you see that violence is seen as a way of resolving political problems but also interpersonal problems at this initiation schools we always hear stories of abuse some of them even torture if this is the the process takes you into man who’d be breeding men that that that that except that they have to go into the into their world with a violent outlook there are two possible question one is i mean in any in any

particular structural system like this where where you’re trying to initiate main your fine ass last two times blames all kinds of characters that do not and cannot be entrusted with initiating and men in two men who have that illegal schools that people will torture because they don’t know what they’re doing all they need is to be paid at the end of the day they need money so you have to deal with that you have to do to deal with it but by the way before I continue

have to see this is this particular program this morning is fantastic because you need spaces like this you need space like this when you bring doctors initiate people run schools and people like me who will comment on that from from a perspective masculinity of violence so you need to speak and and deal with people who are hustling because they want money and they are not know no good reason to be to be close to me so that’s that’s that’s the one that

the one particular reason we have we have to underline this and then you have to move for what how do you do you begin to to make the schools what they initially intended to be which is it too much movement in the young man’s young men’s lives into into adult but first I wanna be controversial for the sake of being at but I think we’ve had part of this discussion going forward if you can hear me is it time for us to to to to structure the the process of

of becoming a man in South Africa little bit better and maybe even opening a 22 other races I think it’s a wonderful way to build trust and understanding yes yes I agree I think we spoke about this previously and we have said this earlier when we speak about this particular reason I mean there are things that have to remain sacred I’m I’m as I said I always say that there’s a there’s a good reason to have secrets families have free cigarettes if you don’t have

secrets in the world the world will not function well I’ve said this before but here is this thing that can be beautiful and I have had experiences from maine was the main man from a baby bodysuit mean I’m sort of myself for going through this practice although I have not gone to distract myself because I think somehow I don’t want to put my life in in in the hands of people who don’t know anything about who don’t know to reconcile the the old ideals of

bringing boys into men who with the present ideals that continue no constitution and powers of that part of what you are asking is can’t this be used as a moment where you could you bring different groups different different cultures to to learn from these cultures where where this practice is is is experienced and is engaged yes I think so I think not only people on possible also people who are well-known black can be brought into

into into the embrace of this culture because if you get a good teacher even get a man who has thought about this review reading about some were also working with doctors who have been doing this for two scores of year so an eighty nine men who has never lost a life you need that mean you need to know what they do if I could have a chance to to learn even at this age from men like that i’ll be i’ll be a better man for it so you need men like this but I should

say this again but the question is can you bring these the practice is there the learnings you have initiation schools in into a conversation with the July deals such as I mean fundamentally have you have this thing about equality equality is an important ideal in our country and you need you need you need to bring to bring equality into conversations with what is taught in in this thank you for free runner time looks like you’ve run out of here yet if

you’re hearing aid is well but always fantastic to talk to you part is I think we need to we need to change the way we think about what makes us so that we can within the wider context and suffered thank you as always for joining us at professor akebono right lol talking about of course we were talking about the rite of passage masculinity finalists

Pasukan ABC

Sertifikasi Guru Mts


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