Burundi rejects African peacekeeping force: Reports

witnessing through television or on radio is not a general situation for the

whole country these troubles are happening in some some areas some neighborhoods of the capital bujumbura which is under camera under international coming under international human rights observers under all kind of kind of observers but more than more than about 99% of the country is peaceful during daytime and nighttime citizen peacefully two weeks after that statement clashes

claimed several lives yet again observers now fear the simmering tensions could lead to civil war however these sentiments are not shared by the vice president the bulletin people have learnt a lot from the bad experience they have gone through so no one is ready to go back to war no one is ready to go back to the to the killings as this happened in the past because the less than the rent is enough for our

people the government has until Tuesday to respond to the AAU after which the peacekeepers will be deployed more than 400 people have been killed since president announced in April that will stand for a third term this despite the president’s re-election in July which was approved by the Constitutional Court the United Nations Human Rights Council once to investigate the ongoing killings while Uganda will restart mediation efforts in desperate effort to avoid an

escalation of the conflict goldensohn pas ABC News


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