The Secrets of the Keys

where do I know you sort of I’ve known you for very long time let me get this right I just found out I’m probably going to die this year and you’re offering me a job I’m not kidding Elizabeth could help so many people aren’t you the least bit curious ok I’ll tell you what let’s spend some time together today introduced you to some incredible experts and some that you already know I’ll share with you the

wisdom of the keys and you’ll come to see how and how much they can help other people so what do you say and since you only have a limited amount of time if you think about this imagine if the time you had was the sand in my hand changing the vibration of my thought really changed the vibration of my energy in my body success no matter what your job or work is there anything else you focus and I

talked to my children I told him there is no way feeling like they’re getting off a third inroads into conviction so having nothing because everything comes out of nothing become in the key is the mission not just knowing the keys to be strong you will not remember anything about I’ll be watching talking to my guess is getting underway getting all the facts I cancelled

African writer and professional life coach K tennison has featured in the movie the secrets of the keys that was launched recently caton international motivational speaker and best-selling author of clear your clutter is renowned for her capability to decluttering lives of the International motivational speakers and doctors featured in this movie was released on the 3rd of December at the Killarney city centre in Johannesburg it’s not available on her

website will find out where else you can download it but joining us in studio of course is good to have you work basically it’s a self-help video but i wasnt with amazing kind of serendipitous bunch of events and I literally make the producer the one in the picture that plays the main character and we had a three minute interaction in the 800 throng training cinema and two days later she found me

interested in all my god I’ve been looking for you for two days and she invited me cuz we all had picture she’s incredible people from around the world are just watching the clip with you people that have been my mentors for twenty thirty years in the self-development genre and so we all assembled in shock the movie in Las Vegas that incredible and what’s the name of it because when I’m gathering is given a year to live and you know suck

the life out of a debt but the get there but that marrow of life but you know talk to me a little bit more about the feeling behind all these different to live and and and you haven’t done most things idea I mean that’s what I’m thinking of right now if you don’t need to be given a diagnosis of your life completely and I think there is my message is how do you live light so that you can live large and I think so often people are hanging on to the wrong

things with its positions or ideas or limiting beliefs or habit or sometimes even people we hang on the wrong people or friends in our lives and how do we become a present and how do we become more popular word is mindful so just a lot more engaged and I love and yes sometimes we do need a slap but I think sometimes if we are a little bit more we can find a way to live a better life now ya know when when you were approached to do this that Living Light with clearly

that the angle that you came in and you’ve got these these amazing books from clear your clutter and and all the other additional glitch is that the message you were trying to put forward a message to each expert headed for a few minutes on screen to portray the character and hear about how to raise your vibration so in the movies 7 keys which are ways to help someone live a better life and we spoke around one key predominately or a couple of other

things happen at the expense of the other one is about preparations talk about how do you increase your vibration and how do you increase the things the things that no longer and that the clatter aspect and when I talk about clatter talk about three types not just about culture that we can see touch and feel in our lives and it’s also emotional baggage so I talked about how our bodies are we stuck 8 I lived with too much stuff

especially at this time of year with Christmas just consumerism acknowledged and then obviously holding onto sometimes things that don’t anymore but the director shouting at me but i’m going to ask you for one message that you can give for south africans going into the new year it’s gonna be a tough year we all know that we’ve all been warned that it is for them to take through this year to perhaps make it a little bit easier what would you suggest

I would say the things that no longer serve you so that you create a little bit of space so that you can manifest something more and better for yourself beautiful 12 pleasure to see you in and and and like I said you have got this book that’s their holiday reading alright you have my word for it clear your clutter anybody right now with review for the kurds whom whatever I’m gonna get that

one to download this video go to kate website it Kate dash prepping it might even get there before most beautiful way to start the year alright get there quickly so wonderful Christmas cake that a purchase your copy then you can get it to you and lets take a break in a quick shot above